Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A new year, a new start

Well, here we are. A new year. This is looking to be the most exciting for me yet, as it's the first one in a new home, and as a fully fledged programmer.

Also, Perl 5.10 is now out there. I don't know what that will entail where I work at the moment, but some
of the new features look good.

Just used Devel::Cover for the first time today. It produces some good results, and has set us up for a plan a few release cycles down from here (if the feature requirements ever slow down). Better coverage. We did have very good coverage for a while, but things slow down and you get the job of doing the work above doing the tests. However, our coverage is still very good. Just some room for improvement.

Also, I have discovered the joys (or lack of them) of ssh-ing files into databases, over wireless connections. My Mac is still tied up doing this after 4hrs. Fun and games all round then. Think I'll be leaving that to do it's stuff overnight then.

Programming today has been little, but necessary. We have agreed a release schedule to try to stick to, to ensure good releases and done when expected. Agile development with Scrum! It's the way forward.
Luckily my Boss doesn't need to sell this to me, as someone did that last Summer anyway, but I think it's good, and for any of you out there not doing it, Why? Read some of the Pragmatic Programmer (Hunt and Thomas) and Xtreme Programming (Beck) if you need more.

Anyway, end of the day for me now. Back tomorrow.

Info on Perl 5.10 can be found via and Devel::Cover from the CPAN.

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