Friday, 18 January 2008

Release of Acme::Hardware::Light::Bulb

OK, so it itsn't the biggest thing ever, but now Acme::Hardware::Light::Bulb is in sourceforge svn

If you SVN Browse, you can see a file trunk.tar, which should download you the tarball of the trunk. Else you could just get an svn co of the trunk.

I take no responsibility for anything that happens when you use these modules!

The coverage of tests though is 97,2%, and all the programming is to the standards supported
by Test::Perl::Critic.

You will need Carp and Class::Std.

The modules are

Acme/Hardware/Light/ - which generates a Light Bulb object
Acme/Hardware/Light/Bulb/ - which generates a Change Light Bulb object with as the base class.

Anyway. Yesterday was moving methods from the View to the Model, as that is where they should reside, and then today was tests. Coverage of two modules from 48 to 97% Hurrah!

Only 3 modules below 50% now, and total is 86% over the main project. We are getting there.

next week - creating a bar chart on a web page!


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