Friday, 19 November 2010

Talk to Software East - Aglie Analysis Pipeline

Last night I gave a talk to the monthly Software East meeting, held by Mark Dalgarno at RedGate Software.

Big Thanks to Mark for inviting me, and everyone who showed up for an interesting discussion on Agile techniques. Also, thanks to RedGate for hosting.

The slides have been uploaded to Slideshare:

It was a great talk, and the first time I didn't get groans outside of work about having used Perl :)

Looking forward to the next Software East meeting in January, which will be Rachel Davies talking about Agile Retrospectives.
I saw Rachel give the second day's keynote at Agile Cambridge, and she was brilliant. She was also very nice to chat to at lunch that day. She has written the book Agile Coaching (Pragmatic Programmers) so for fear of overloading the session with people, I can thoroughly recommend going to this.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010