Sunday, 3 August 2008


So on Friday I attended the second barcamb, at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. For those not in the know, a barcamp is an unconference. People turn up with stuff to talk about, and a plan for the day is organised over coffee and biscuits at the start of the day.

It was very good interesting day. Many of the faces we saw last year came again, and gave either updates, or new talks, and we had soem new people as well, including a chap who was using the internet to help the Neighbourhood Watch in his village.

Simon Ford brought MBED with him again, showing some more of the exciting stuff he had been doing with it (including something at a 24hr hackathon, which uses a social idea to move packages to their destination).

Unfortunately, I can't remember many peoples names, but is was great to talk with so many of you, and I was rather surprised that my quick unplanned 10minuter on 'It's Too Much Information for ME!' seemed to generate a lot of little discussions with me. It's nice to see that either other people have had the same problem, or that people realise that you end up needing to program for other peoples lack of foresight/rushing development code into production. My talk followed quite nicely from Nava Whiteford's talk on the Swift Analysis pipeline, and Matthew Astleys ad-hoc talk/discussion on Panic Driven Development.

I have some photo's which I have uploaded to Facebook. Please feel free to have a look and tag yourself (or anyone else you know) in any of them.