Wednesday, 9 January 2008

1 week left of the sprint to 7.0

So, 1 week left of the current sprint. Deployment of 7.0 is scheduled for next weds.

Manipulating to increase the level of the loader was not difficult. Putting it into the profile of the user, just a submit button to "promote", with the next level as a hidden field. Then in the tt2 template, a wrapper to ensure that the button isn't generated if the user him/herself is the viewer (we don't want users promoting themselves), or that they are already at "Gold" standard.

So, on to writing tests to exercise the code. We aren't doing to much test-driven development (SHOCK HORROR!), but rather writing the tests afterwards and using Devel::Cover to ensure it is as full as possible. (When FireWatir is improved, I may start looking at that for testing the web interface, but at the moment, it is just Test::More unit tests)

It is quite amazing how quickly the time can go still when writing tests. It isn't the sexiest of topics, but it is good to know that the code we are writing is able to be checked, in case something down the line changes it.

I am opting for writing new test units for each of the additions I have written, rather than adding them in to previous units. This may mean an additional time overhead when running the tests, but I have found it easier when they fail to see via the name of a unit what the problem is (which is reported at the end of the make test output) as well as via the name of the test itself (assuming you have verbose switched on).

So, over the last 3 working days, I have enabled a loader to be assigned a level, and tested that the level can be found for a user who is in the loading group, and that it is displayed in the right places.

Just need to tidy up a couple of extra options and we should be ready for deployment.

Bye for now

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