Thursday, 17 January 2008

Sprint ended

So, after a frantic week of finishing off the bits, and getting an extra feature to need to add in this release,
we deployed yesterday to massive applause.

Well, OK, so that was a bit of a lie. We deployed. I then needed to fix a bug which hadn't shown up in my
test version of the database, which then crashed the server, which then needed another fix.

However, it is done,and we added many new features. Some are ready for a need to change what group people belong to and the permissions of that group. Some are already there. Some need a new feature change in the next sprint to move from a table to a bar chart.

On other things, I was writing Acme::Hardware::Light::Bulb and Acme::Hardware::Light::Bulb::Change, since at PerlMongers last week, Michael and I couldn't find any modules relating to changing a light bulb.

We started it last week, and then I finished it over the week. Complete with96.7% test coverage, and completely happy with Test::Perl::Critic, and POD/distribution test coverage.

I tried to tarball it and mail it around, but for some reason the tar files would unpack.

I then went to upload to sourceforge via SVN, and ...

... accidently deleted the whole directory --AAHHH!

Exactly what svn/cvs is supposed to help prevent, I did whilst trying to put it in there. It was due to my own stupidity though. I did a mv instead of a cp within my dev area, and then deleting that moved directory to try again did me in. Note to self: NEVER mv a whole directory.

Anyway, I have resurrected the modules and all the critic stuff. I just need to rewrite the tests. However, it is all available on sourceforge should you wish to check it out.

Once completed, I will look to adding it to CPAN.

Enough for now. Back to my main job.


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