Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Didn't make it to FooMongers today - was having plenty of fun getting the stuff I have written for the NPD web app ready for deployment. Tests must work! Excel spreadsheets must be able to download! Refactoring must take place when complexity scores go above 22.

I can see Test::Perl::Critic being a particualr favourite of mine, not! I have to admit that having now started to write with standards in mind, the stuff I produce is much more readable, and maintainable, but those C-style for loops are something that I am going to have to get out of writing.

Anyway, we are ready to deploy tomorrow with the Sample Summary. This was nice to do, and a good starting place for me, as it got me working with both the views. templates and model. Wrapping up the business end of determining Good/Bad samples within the model itself so this exports a method to determine if it is Good or Bad - believe it or not.

The best bit (joke) was getting it to be tested completely, which involved a lot of circular referencing in order to ensure that the mock data is always used. However, we got through that, nd need to definitely remember that for next time.

The next trick was merging branch to trunk in svn. 3 conflicts! However, a quick look on ( quickly dispelled my panic and all was happy. A quick make test in the trunk before committing ensured that all was still happy, and we deployed to the intweb development area. This all looks hunky dory, so tomorrow we go live AAHHHH!

Shame about FooMongers though today. Hope I didn't miss anything to groundbreaking.

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