Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New release of MooseX::AttributeCloner

I released a new version of MooseX:AttributeCloner yesterday to CPAN.

Here are the changes:

1) BugFix - CPANTs put in a bug report that MooseX::Getopt was not in the dependencies list in the Build.PL module

2) You can now do

  my $NewObject = new::object->new_with_cloned_attributes($CurrentObject);

instead of only

  my $NewObject = $CurrentObject->new_with_cloned_attributes(q{new::object);

However, to do this, both objects need to use the MooseX:AttributeCloner role. This is on my TODO list that $CurrentObject would only need to be a Moose object, and not have to utilise the MooseX:AttributeCloner role.

It's out there now. Any feedback appreciated.


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