Friday, 19 February 2010

MooseX::AttributeCloner v0.2

Yesterday I released v0.2 of MooseX::AttributeCloner. This is just a bugfix release, thanks to those lovely people over at CPANTs.

The problem was that I missed a file in my MANIFEST, so when I built my distribution package, it left it out. Upshot - tests failed.

This has now been fixed, however, I since discovered a deprecation on Module::Build, which I have fixed.

I had initially set up my Build.PL file to use

  create_makefile_pl => 'passthrough',

which generated a Makefile.PL, which loaded Module::Build if not installed.

However, this feature is deprecated, and may be removed, since newer versions of and 5.10.1 accept the 'configure_requires' option. So, I have converted to using

  create_makefile_pl => 'small',
  configure_requires => { 'Module::Build' => 0.3603 }

in Build.PL. This is the new way to do it. It is mentioned in the POD and README.

The new version can be found on CPAN here



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