Thursday, 3 April 2008

Advancing with Rails course - Day 4 pt 3

So, the final bit of the course has been looking at integration testing

objective is to go through the processes to a conclusion, i.e.

login >>
attempt to bid on an auction you started >>

login >>
bid on auction as highest bidder >>

login >>
bid on auction >>

and so on

can cross controllers which is why next level up from functional tests. May be more than one/two asserts as
they are linked and this is useful to ensure it doesn't bother trying tests it can't even get to

very good place to often refactor heavily

integration testing routes

def test_show_route
assert_recognizes({:controller => :auctions,
:action => :show,
:id => "1"}, auction_path(1)) <==named routes
def test_generate_route
assert_generates("/auctions/3", :controller => :auctions,
:action => :show,
:id => "3")

also can assert_routes

you could get back responses to look at when rjs is rendered

irb>> app.get("/auctions/destroy/1")
>> 200
irb>> app.response.body
(output of rjs file)

rcov tool

coverage of code with tests


runs in another terminal window, and everytime you make and save a change to a file, it works out the tests which are affected and reruns those tests.

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