Thursday, 3 April 2008

Advancing with Rails course - Day 4 pt 2


How to install and generate a plugin

guest095:yadb ajb$ script/plugin install
+ ./ChangeLog
+ ./lib/annotate_models.rb
+ ./tasks/annotate_models_tasks.rake
guest095:yadb ajb$ ls vendor/plugins/
annotate_models/ nested_has_many_through/
guest095:yadb ajb$ ls vendor/plugins/annotate_models/
ChangeLog README lib/ tasks/
guest095:yadb ajb$ ls vendor/plugins/annotate_models/tasks/annotate_models_tasks.rake
guest095:yadb ajb$

adds schema info to the top of your model files

guest095:yadb ajb$ rake annotate_models
(in /Users/ajb/dev/vtes/yadb)
Annotating Card
Annotating CardDiscipline
Annotating Clan
Unable to annotate Clan: Could not find table 'clans'
Annotating CostType
Annotating Deck
Annotating Discipline
Annotating Minion


# == Schema Information
# Schema version: 6
# Table name: cards
# id :integer not null, primary key
# name :string(255)
# text :string(255)
# requirements :string(255)
# cost :integer
# cost_type_id :integer
# minion_id :integer
# deck_id :integer
# discipline_id :integer

class Card < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :deck
belongs_to :cost_type
belongs_to :minion
has_many :card_disciplines
has_many :disciplines, :through => :card_disciplines
belongs_to :vampire, :class_name => "Minion", :conditions => " = 'vampire'"
belongs_to :werewolf, :class_name => "Minion", :conditions => " = 'werewolf'"

validates_presence_of :name
validates_uniqueness_of :name
validates_presence_of :deck_id


writing a plugin

guest095:yadb ajb$ script/generate plugin nice_error_fields
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/lib
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/tasks
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/test
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/README
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/MIT-LICENSE
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/Rakefile
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/init.rb
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/install.rb
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/uninstall.rb
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/lib/nice_error_fields.rb
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/tasks/nice_error_fields_tasks.rake
create vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/test/nice_error_fields_test.rb

guest095:yadb ajb$ cd vendor/plugins/nice_error_fields/
guest095:nice_error_fields ajb$ ls
MIT-LICENSE Rakefile install.rb tasks uninstall.rb
README init.rb lib test

install.rb needs the require 'nice_error_fields.rb'
and the lib directory is added to the path

the init.rb files are all read (so no need to create an initializer) and all the lib paths are added

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