Thursday, 8 April 2010

Retrieving the $schema object from the resultset object

More for my own personal reference

Within a resultset (row) object

my $schema = $self->result_source->schema();

Example reasoning

User wants to be able to obtain (via helper method) all the public groups s/he doesn't belong to

sub public_usergroups {
my ($self) = @_;

my $schema = $self->result_source->schema();

my @public_usergroups = $schema->resultset('Usergroup')->search({
id_usergroup => {
'NOT IN' => $self->user2usergroups->get_column('id_usergroup')->as_query,
is_public => 1,

return @public_usergroups;

The returned set are then also Usergroup objects, so they have the methods relating to those.


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