Sunday, 8 November 2009


I have just released a MooseX::AttributeCloner to the CPAN. The purpose of this role is to go pass all built attribute values from one class object to a newly instantiated object.

The reason for the creation of this role is for our pluggable pipeline system, where we want to be able to pass any parameters from the command line to any of the objects which are responsible for submitting jobs.

The Role inspects all the attributes the class has via meta, and checks that the attribute is defined. If it is, it passes the value into a hash, which it then uses in the object instantiation of the new object.

my $object_with_attributes = $self->new_with_cloned_attributes('Package::Name');

This will take $self's built attributes, and uses them in a hash_ref to create a new object instance of 'Package::Name'.

It does check the init_arg of the attribute in $self, and uses that as the key for the value. If you have a Ref in the attribute, then it will be the same Ref in the new object. (So, in this case, it isn't strictly cloned, please don't be pedantic).

If you wish to pass through additional information, or use a different value for an attribute that you already have a value for in the current object, then a hash_ref can also be provided with key/value pairs so that these can be used/added as as well

my $object_with_attributes = $self->new_with_cloned_attributes('Package::Name',{
attr1 => q{val1},...

There are also two additional methods provided by this role, 'attributes_as_json' and attributes_as_escaped_json'. With these methods, you can get a JSON string with the values of all built attributes, which you could then use elsewhere, such as just building a data hash or pushing into a commandline. More info can be found in the Documentation, but it is worth noting, objects are not stringified, throughout the whole data structure. In the case where this would be in an array, a null will be found instead.

I hope that this will be found to be useful. Please give me any feedback for this that you wish.


brunov said...

What are the differences with the already existent MooseX::Clone?

Andy Brown - SetitesUK said...

Not entirely sure (apart from the fact that I was a 'numpty' and couldn't find it when I was looking for something like this). I'll try to get some time to look at it.

However, there are a few other things we wanted AttributeCloner to do, notably, to be able to serialize out (clone) the attributes that will be the same, but in a different package/class namespace, rather than just produce a clone of the original class object. (Which from the rather brief look at MooseX::Clone I just did, it looks like that is the general idea of it, just make a new clone of the original class object - I could be wrong).