Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cloning via the command line

I have update MooseX::AttributeCloner today on CPAN - v0.17

It had a few revisions over the last few days. Some due to the CPAN testers firing me back errors in my tests, some due to development requirements.

The last new thing about it though is the method 'attributes_as_command_options'.

This method goes through all of your built non-private attributes which have an init_arg, and builds a string of them for using in a command line.

The default is to render them as follows

--Boolean --attr1 val1 --hash_attr key1=val1 --hash_attr key2=val2

but you can request that the values be quoted, an = sign be placed between arg and val, and that only a single dash is used.

You can also exclude some attributes by supplying an arrayref of 'init_arg's to be excluded.

For more info, see the CPAN page

or once installed, perldoc MooseX::AttributeCloner

Unlike the new_from_cloned_attributes, you cannot supply additional key/value pairs to be added, but then, if you are generating a command line you can always add these yourself.

I hope that this proves of use to some people. It is certainly helping to reduce code and increase the flexibility of the pluggable pipeline system I have been developing.

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