Sunday, 30 August 2009

FileSystem/DataBase - or both?

I'm starting a new MooseX::Storage module called MooseX::Storage::File_or_DB.

The objective is that you can use the standard MooseX::Storage to serialize out the Moose
object as a JSON string to a file, and read it back again, but also save it out to
a Database so that it can be used in a usual database way (i.e. interrogate the db using
sql directly, so an attribute maps directly to a column).

There are a number of ORM or object db modules on CPAN (DBIx::Class, Fey, KiokuDB) but all seem a bit difficult to give the option to also obtain and save out the object to a filesystem as well, for more short term storage prior to archival to the database.

This is clearly something we need. MooseX::Storage is just the job for storing and retrieval from a filesystem, but linking both in one.

So, I'm setting to work on something that will do both. The current work in progress is on GitHub here

I would ask people to take a look and see what they think. The POD is currently where I want to end up, but the tests are working, and I think it is going in the right direction. Looking forward to more work on this to make it ready to submit to CPAN.

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