Monday, 25 January 2010

Fighting with a LightSaber

Today's coding could be fun, as soon as the Ibuprofen wears off.

Yesterday I hit 35, and my son, already a huge star wars fanatic at 4, gave me LightSaber Duels for the Wii, and a Lightsaber attachment for the WiiMote.

Fantastic. This was what I wanted the Wii for. It took my wife to want it for WiiFit to actually have a valid reason to get it, but I can finally be a Jedi Knight.

Or so I thought. I hadn't quite accounted for my fitness levels. I play Badminton at least once a week, and have been doing some exercise, but after 2x45 minutes of Duelling, my Bicep is starting to seriously complain.

So, what has this told me about todays work?

1) Write as little code as possible. Always the mantra of a coder, since you can't have bugs in code that was never written.

2) Try to take those microbreaks that H&S are going on about.

3) Don't sit there wishing to play your latest computer game, when you should be coding. You need to take a break from that!

Some inane ramblings from me today. If you have got this far, then don't forget to raise a glass of whisky to Robert Burns today, and eat plenty of Haggis and Orkney Clapshot.

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SF said...

Oooo, so that's the name of the Lightsaber game! We just got a Wii for the Wii Fit, but I'd love to sneak in some duels on the side.

And thanks for the reminder on Burns. I forgot to order haggis this year, but at least I can import The Complete Songs Of... into iTunes and do some listening today...