Saturday, 5 December 2009

Always change the branch!

Again, this one of those blogs which have shown some numptiness by me.

Why did some things break, when they were working yesterday.

We have a lot of file passing to do, and unfortunately, a third party analysis pipeline starts changing file locations and filenames, such that we have to remain agile to cope with the third party changes.

So, we discover this happening and quickly fix our pipeline to cope with a filename change. Deploy and go, everything is working as expected.

A new release of the pipeline occurs from the development branch into trunk, and then deploy. But suddenly, the files aren't being found as expected. What has happened?

Quite simply, I didn't make a corresponding change in the development branch for the original bugfix. 4 hours of developer time spent trying to track this down for something that I broke my own rule.

Always change the branch/backport trunk to ensure that the bug is fixed everywhere.

Sometimes, just trying to be too agile, sorry read trying to fix a bug fast, just causes the bug to get reimplemented further down the line. Take your time Brown! A little caution and doing it right will make it better.

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