Saturday, 31 October 2009

10 years at The Sanger - Have I finally achieved my career goal

Friday the 30th was my last working day of year 10 at the Sanger Institute. I have worked in 4 teams whilst there, plus I had been there for 2.5 months before officially starting temping in the glasswash team. Also, in January, I hit the momentous age of 35. (Which, according to bible references to 3score and 10 being the life of a man, makes me middle aged).

So I wonder if I have finally reached what I wanted my career to really be. Over the next month, NaNoWriMo ( is on and I have decided that I might just spend the next month putting to paper my life so far. I don't claim it will be great (I'm fairly average in most things), but I think it will be good to recap and look back, coming from a middle class background, who wanted to be a bricklayer when I played with Lego aged 5 and a computer programmer aged 13 (but couldn't find anything at school to help him), to being a teacher, scientist on Human Genome Project and a Perl developer.

Who knows, maybe it will interest people, maybe it won't. But a life recap can't be bad.
And maybe it will just make me think, life really isn't too bad, you know.

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