Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Scrumptious Tagging

So, we needed to look at, as well as writing full annotations for runs, the ability to tag runs (and other entities) with keywords. Being as we are writing a web-based application, this is very web2.0.

For examples of tagging, look at de.licio.us, facebook or flickr.

We wanted a style very similar to de.licio.us. However, with the range of autocomplete/autofill javascript out there in the open source community, I couldn't find anything that mimics the way de.licio.us works.

In a nutshell:

Display tags already given to a run (I'll use this, but replace with entity).
Click to Add tags
Change display to an entry field which has the tags in it, a cloud of all tags which have already been assigned to runs, which you can click to add or remove from the entry field, and they highlight if already in the entry field,
and the clever bit - if the user starts typing into the field, it comes up with suggestions in another revealed field of tags from the cloud, sorted by the frequency the tags have been used, showing the ten most common for the current suggestions, changing as the user types more letters.

(You may have noticed here that we are trying to get the users to essentially try to use the same tags again and again, rather than stick in a hyphen, etc)

My boss already had a two function javascript to toggle the tags in and out from the cloud, and highlight them (with some css) if they are already in the text field, but I needed to do the rest. This I managed to some up in 4 more functions.

With my bosses permission, I have included his 2 functions (crediting him of course) and I have put the javascript on sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/scrumptious/). You can just checkout the current svn trunk to obtain the code.

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lilu said...


I found the Script at sourceforge.net but I am not a developer so I cant test it by myself, is there somewhere a screenshot of it or a website using it?

Thanks lilu