Tuesday, 5 February 2008

It's been a (rather busy) while

So, a little while since I last posted. However, much has been done.

We had another release last week, some of which has needed some tweaking since for the next release. GD doesn't help make pages go quickly! However, a bit of ajaxing later and we have a page which loads quickly, but allows the graphs to be opened on the page afterwards.


Also, I have been experimenting with creating a script ot parse a MIME format email, to then store the body as an annotation and get the id from the subject.

Fairly easy. I am using MIME::Lite and MIME::Parser to do the hard work, and the api for the application to contact the main models, which in turn handle saving the annotation. You got to love well constructed and documented APIs.

I have written extensive tests over the code for the main part. I wrote most within a module, so that this could be tested easily and reused, with a small script to handle receiving the email, and if anything croaks, doing something with the croak. (An email back, unless it is an Out of Office reply - why do people need to use them? I think we should all start immediately spamming anyone who uses them so an end such that perhaps they won't in future*).

Anyway, I've done a fair bit over the past couple of weeks towards new features, or bettering existing ones. The learning curve keeps going up. I am now also looking at trying to dynamically create SQL in order to be able to do advanced searching. The problem, however, is how to store the foreign key pattern from across the database. I need to look into if the models can provide the information they possess, or if I need to store it within a hash (as current).

Must dash for now. More soon.

*This is not a serious suggestion. I do not condone spamming in any way. A polite request should be used instead.

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